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Winning Lotto Checks


Winning lotto checks are NOT something you normally see on a Lotto Books website.

Why do you not see winning lotto checks on other websites?  Because there is a lot of garbage on the Internet from wannabe’s who have never won the lottery – they make their money selling re-hashed rubbish to unsuspecting buyers.

So we thought we would start with some PROOF by showing you our winning lotto cheques.

This is our first of our three winning lotto checks, for $1,008,742.00.  It was won back in 2006, playing 50 x System 8’s, in a Group Entry of 20 people.  It was a highly optimized entry, using the Lotto Secrets laid out in our book, “Winning Lotto – Secrets The Experts Don’t want You To Know.”

winning lotto checks First one

The second of our First Prizes arrived later in 2006. By this time I had been tracked down by a Lotto Agent who wanted me to create all of his Lotto Syndicates (Known as Lotto Clubs in some countries); the payment was to his Lotto agency.  The agreement was that I would create all of his lottery entries, and he would market them.  This suited me well, as my interest was in creating the lotto numbers and not in administering them.

Lotto books - winning lotto checks from a 3-time winner

Our THIRD Million Dollar win is interesting; we had to wait until 2013 (although we had some 5 figure second prizes).  This is absolute proof that there is NO Magic Bullet for winning the lottery.  There are SMART Ways to Play and there are DUMB Ways to Play – but if anyone guarantees you First Prize in the Lottery for $47 for a lotto book, hand your credit cards to a friend for a while in case you have a rush of blood to the head and get sucked in by the hype.

Our Third Winning Lotto Cheque

So, from 2006 to 2013, we won First Prize 3 times – and FAILED 347 out of 350 times!  If I had been a Sports Coach, I would have been sacked long ago! But to most people playing lotto, 3 wins in 7 years is fantastic.  So let’s be realistic here; If you believe ANYONE can guarantee First Prize – and it will only cost you $47 – I guess you still believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy.

We can help you to Play Smart – and avoid the type of entries that are 99% guaranteed to fail (like 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6).  We will explain why in your book.

Along the top of this website you will see Tabs for 5-Ball, 6-Ball, and 7-ball Lotteries.  Click on the one that works for your lottery, and you can read about the book relevant to you.  Why different books?  Well, if you want to play a full system for 15 numbers, there are 3,003 x 5-number combinations in 15 numbers, 5,005 x 6-number combinations, and 6,435 x 7-number combinations.

But do not worry – we give you Cut Price lotto systems, with varying levels of cover (eg, 4-from-4 guaranteed, 5-from-6 guaranteed, 5-from-5 guaranteed) so that you can play within a budget suitable for you.

So if you want to have little more fun when you check the winning lotto numbers, take a look at our Lotto Books!

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