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Lottery Systems, Lottery Statistics, and Lotto Strategies For 6-Ball Lotto

Lottery Systems, Lottery Statistics, and Lotto Strategies: Lottery book suitable for all 6 Ball Lotteries Worldwide – Winning Lotto Secrets the Experts Don’t Want You To Know.

Written by a 3-Time Lottery Winner, it helps you to “Play Smart Lotto.”

Winning Lotto Book - Lottery Systems, Lottery Statistics, and Lotto Strategies

Winning Lotto Secrets Book

The book is a combination of:

  • Lottery Systems
  • Lottery Statistics, and
  • Lotto Strategies.

As an example of lottery systems, a full lotto system for 12 numbers (almost 1/4 of the games in a 6-49 lottery) requires you to play 924 games – which is way beyond the reach of the vast majority of players.  There are alternatives to a full system – here are some of them – A guarantee of:

a)  5 numbers together from 6 winning numbers = 40 games

b)  4 numbers together from 4 winning numbers = 42 games

c)  Both of the above together = 44 games

c) above is interesting.  Most lottery books or software offer EITHER 5 numbers together from 6 winning numbers, OR 4 numbers together from 4 winning numbers.  We offer BOTH Guarantees in only 44 games; Dual Guarantee Lottery Systems are Exclusive to us (or anyone selling pirated copies of our work).  We needed them for our own use – so we developed them.

As an example of Lottery Statistics, there is a whole section devoted to “Lottery Profiling” – a science we invented.  For instance, we show you how 3-odd + 3-even numbers are drawn, on average, about 30 times more often than 6 numbers that are all odd or 6 numbers that are all even.

If you are going to play 6 Ball Lotteries – At least find out how they work!  Knowledge is power!

As an example of Lotto Strategies for ALL 6 Ball Lotteries Worldwide, we encourage the use of ensuring you HAVE all of the winning numbers by PLAYING all of the numbers.

For example, in any 6-45 lottery, we suggest playing 5 groups of 9 numbers covering all 45 numbers.  This can be as cheap as 15 games.  How?  Play each set of 9 numbers as “Any 2 Trio’s from 3 Trio’s.”  Let’s assume you wanted to play these numbers 1 – 4 – 7 – 12 – 15 -20 – 28 – 35 – 43.

You can play them as THREE TRIO’S, like this:

a)   1 – 12 – 28

b)   4 – 15 – 35

c)   7 – 20 -43

There are only 3 ways to combine these:

a + b,  a + c,  and b + c

So, if the 6 winning numbers are included in 2 of your trio’s – You have First Prize!

A FULL Lottery System requires 84 games, but “Any 2 Trio’s from 3 Trio’s” requires just THREE games.

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