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Win Lotto 6 Weeks out of 10


So, How Did I Win Lotto 6 Weeks out of 10?  And can I prove it?

First, let us be clear – We are talking about a lotto win of some kind, not First Prize 6 weeks  out of 10 (there are enough garbage lotto books out there already making ridiculous promises).

However, our belief is that your chances of winning lotto First Prize is significantly improved by having lotto systems, lotto analysis and lotto strategies that deliver regular small wins.

And the cost of playing lotto is reduced by regular small wins – we played the lottery at an almost 40% discount during the 10 week lotto experiment we show you below.

Please note:  Suitable for any SIX ball lottery worldwide BUT if you are looking for a FIVE ball lottery book (including Megamillions, Powerball USA etc) please click here.

Here are the winning lotto tickets for week 1 of our experiment:

Winning Lotto Tickets Week 1

Note that:

  • We play 3 nights – for under $30 per week (less than $10 per night), so it is affordable
  • The total cost was $27.85 – The wins were $34.40; so we were in profit after week one (not that that was going to last)
  • There is a Lotto Strategy going on here (more on that later); 15 games of 6 numbers enables us to play all 45 numbers in this lottery twice, so …
  • Our 15 games GUARANTEE 16 winning lotto numbers overall, improving our chances of a win of some kind (beats random play anytime)
  • We show you the EXACT Lotto tickets we have played (try finding that kind of openness anywhere else on the internet)

So, let’s move onto the lotto tickets for week 2:

Winning Lotto Tickets Week 2

Note again, that the tickets cost $27.85 and we got back $17.55.  If you count the numbers circled above, we got all 6 winning lotto numbers twice.  Australian 6-45 lotto draws 2 supplementary (bonus numbers) and we got both of those twice as well.  No smoke and mirrors or silly claims here – just straight forward proof.  And you can see the dates on the lotto tickets, so you can see that it was 10 consecutive weeks.

And so to week 3:

Winning Lotto Tickets Week 3

Now I do NOT want you to think you can win every time you play; we got lucky, but it will not always be this good.  However, it obviously is possible to win 3 weeks in a row!

In week 4, reality strikes – no wins.  But hey, I will take wins 3 weeks out 4 anytime!  As you can see below, we got 16 winning numbers spread over 15 games, but they just did not line up properly.

lottery tickets week 4

In week 5, another small win of $16.35.  Not retirement funds but regular small wins make checking your lotto tickets a lot more fun than week after week of losing tickets.

Winning lotto tickets week 5

In week 6, no wins again but at under $10 per night the returns so far have been pretty spectacular.

losing lotto ticket

Week 7 is also a “no win” week – BUT we have still won more often than we have lost!

losing lottery ticket

Week 8 gives us a return to winning ways; only $13.55 but that is better than throwing away another losing ticket 🙂

winning lotto tickets week 8

Week 9 has no wins:

winning lotto tickets - week 9 of 10

Week 10 is the final week of our lotto experiment.  Result: won 6 weeks out of 10!

How would you like a track record like that?

winning lotto tickets week 10

The final result is that we spent $278.50 (an average of $27.85 per week)

And got back $110.90

So we played lotto at a discount of 39.8% – Would YOU like to play lotto at a discount of almost 40%?  I thought so – Keep reading!

In our book,  “Winning Lotto – Discover How I Won a Prize 6 Weeks Out Of 10,” we show you the exact lotto systems, lotto strategies and lottery analysis we used to get this result.  Then we give you fill-in-the-blanks to do the same for your lottery.

Our book is suitable for ANY 6-ball lottery worldwide (but not for 5-ball lotteries, Megamillions, Powerball USA etc).  There are TWO different lotto systems in your book, one for 9 numbers and one for 12 numbers; you can play multiple sets of 9 or 12 numbers AND mix and match 9 or 12 number systems.

Both the 9 and 12 number lotto systems are based on TRIO arrangements.  Get the 6 winning numbers in any 2 Trios and you have FIRST PRIZE!  For people on a limited budget, this is the ultimate in lottery systems.

For our 45-ball lottery, we use 5 sets of 9 and GUARANTEE all 6 winning lotto numbers somewhere in our entry.

For a 49-ball lottery, you can use 4 sets of 12 and have a 48 out of 49 chances of getting all the winning numbers.

Of course, if you are on a very limited budget you can just use one set of 9 or 12 numbers – the options are unlimited.

Winning Lotto - Discover How I Won a Prize 6 Weeks Out Of 10

Now – this is important.  I show you the EXACT lotto numbers I played.  Do NOT simply copy my numbers.  If 100 people share First Prize one day, I will know almost 100 people ignored my advice to CREATE YOUR OWN NUMBERS.  It takes less than an hour and could set you up for life. If you win the lottery, you want as few winners as possible sharing the jackpot.

And I guess you are expecting this to be expensive?  Wrong!  Just $17 will help you to improve your playing record, get regular small wins and boost your chances of the big one.  Stop trusting to luck and start playing “Smart Lotto ™”  And do not forget our THREE First Prizes you saw on the opening page of this lotto website.

“But will this work for MY lottery,” people ask.  YES if it is a SIX ball lottery; NO if it is a 5 or 7 ball lottery.

Another question I get is, “Will my results be as good as yours?”  Maybe.  Maybe a little better, Maybe a little worse. Your results will be SIMILAR, but it depends on factors beyond my control.  For example, if your lottery only has 36 balls, your results may be better than mine in the long term. But, if your lottery only draws 1 bonus ball (rather than the 2 in Australian 6-45 lotto) your results might not be quite as good.

But ANY lottery system that guarantees ALL of the winning numbers somewhere in your entry beats trusting everything to Dumb Luck!  Yes, luck is still a big factor in our system, but we start with an organized entry that guarantees 16 winning numbers in only 15 games!

And at just $17 – Why wouldn’t you do your OWN 10 week lotto experiment and track the results. Our lotto book is cheap, buying the tickets probably costs less than you pay now – so what have you got to lose.

Start playing “Smart Lotto ™” now – Just click the button below and you will be taken to Paypal.  Wait 30 seconds (usually much less) after paying and you can download your lotto book INSTANTLY.  It is NOT a physical book – Instant Electronic Download only.  Say goodbye to losing lotto tickets every week – Say hello to “Win Lotto 6 Weeks out of 10!”


If you need Customer Service, please email and we will get back to you within 2 business days (we do not work weekends, and neither will you if you hit the jackpot!)

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