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Powerball Strategies is a Lottery Book designed for all 5 Ball Lotteries Worldwide, including Powerball USA, Megamillions, California Lottery, Texas Lotto, Fantasy 5, UK Thunderball, Euro Millions etc.

As you can see on the front page of this website, it is written by a 3-Time Real Life Lottery Winner.

Powerball Pro BookPowerball Strategies includes:

  • 130 pages that can dramatically improve your lottery results
  • 20 Powerful Lotto Systems – all suitable for USA Powerball, EuroMillions, Megamillions, UK Thunderball, Texas Lottery, California Lotto and straight Pick-5 games like Fantasy 5.
  • Lotto Systems that save you a fortune on playing 5 Ball Lotteries,
    yet still have great guarantees.
  • A section on Strategies

Now in all honesty, we have to say we have never won a Powerball First Prize – This is our best effort:

winning powerball cheque for 5 numbers

But would $76,500 change your life?  Or one of the 3 Million Dollar Lotto wins shown on our front page?  Our win was just one number short off a $22 Million Powerball win (Our entry had 4 main numbers plus the Power Ball, when Australian Powerball was a 5-ball game).

And we did have a SECOND Powerball Australia win when Powerball had moved up to 7 main numbers …


So what CAN you learn from our 5 Ball Lotteries book?

  • The Secret behind the Odds – And how it can help you to “play Smart.”
  • How to improve the Odds of Winning Lotto by 80% or more – and yet still stay in the zone that delivers wins 66% of the time
  • Discover the incredible “Smart Play Zones” – Here is an example:
  • Lotto Smart Play Zones

    Lotto Smart Play Zones

    While the example is for a 45-ball lottery, the conclusions (eg, around 65% of the time) Hold good for all Pick 5 lotteries).  UNDERSTANDING How Your Lottery Works is essential!

  • Learn what you need to add to Lotto Systems that dramatically boosts their effectiveness – The Missing Link to success!
  • The incredible power of MULTIPLE SYSTEMS for Power Ball / EuroMillions / Megamillions / California Lottery / other 5 Ball Lotteries – And how to implement this strategy in a way that doesn’t break the bank.

Lotto System with a 4 from 4 Guarantee

  • Discover our Uniquely Designed “Smart Play Zone Lotto Systems.”

Ready to Discover little known Insider Strategies that can significantly boost your chances of winning USA Power Ball, EuroMillions, Megamillions, California Lottery and other 5 Ball Lotteries?

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