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Winning Lottery Book Site Anti-Spam Policy

Our Winning Lottery Book Company hates unsolicited commercial e-mail as much as you do. Also known as Spam or junk e-mail, it is a disservice to the Internet community.  We have a zero tolerance spam policy.

Our company fully endorses and complies with the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act), and all other applicable unsolicited commercial e-mail laws.

If you subscribe to electronic newsletters or other communications from our Winning Lottery Book Company website, you will always have an option to unsubscribe immediately.

If you have additional questions, comments or concerns, please contact us by sending an e-mail to and providing us with information relating to your concern.

You may also mail your concerns to us at the following address:

Terry Fisher
Winning Lottery Book Company
PO Box 535
Tweed Heads, NSW 2485

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We reserve the right to amend this Best Lottery Books Anti-Spam Policy at any time by publishing a new version on this website.

We do NOT mail out spam. If you do receive any message that appears to be from us that may be considered to be spam, please send an e-mail to outlining your concern and the matter will be investigated as soon as possible. In this day and age, unscrupulous marketers use other peoples email addresses to send out spam and we would appreciate you telling us if you receive inappropriate messages.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Our incoming email system filters out messages that appear to be spam.  No message filtering system is 100% accurate, and from time to time genuine messages may be filtered out. If you believe this has happened to a message you have sent us, please ring Terry directly on 07 5549 0927.

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This Winning Lottery Book Company Anti-Spam Policy was last updated on 23 April 2015.