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Done For You Lotto Systems

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Done For You Lotto Systems

If you have a large Lotto Group, playing several hundred games, doing your own entries from our book may be a bit daunting.

Apart from that, for large entries we may be able to offer better solutions anyway – the books are really aimed at individual lottery players that play under 100 games.  If, for example, you have a Lotto Group Entry that has several hundred dollars at its disposal, we can create Personalised Done For You Lotto Systems built to your budget.

For example, if you intend to play multiple System 12’s covering all of the numbers in your particular lottery, we can “beef up” the 12 number lotto systems in the book to create multiple payouts and increase your chances of landing the big one.

12 lotto numbers

The 4-from-6 Lotto System 12 in the book Winning Lotto Secrets (just 6 games) is fine for an individual player on a limited budget, especially if playing multiple sets of 12 lotto numbers.

The 4-from-4 Lotto System 12 (42 games) might be good for an individual lotto player playing just one set of 12 lotto numbers.

A system for 12 lotto numbers that covers ALL 5 number combinations requires 142 games – already moving toward a Lotto Group Entry on its own – can be expanded to be even more productive; for example, guaranteeing 2 or 3 5-number wins (and significantly improving the odds of landing the big one).

At this level, you probably want me to do it all for you.

However, 2 of our 3 First Prizes have come from multiple FULL System 8’s.  The type of Lotto Group Entry that I favour uses multiple sets of 8, 9 or 10 lotto numbers, all mathematically arranged to give the best possible chance of success.  Our 2 First Prizes using full System 8’s utilized 74 x Full System 8’s.

So email now – You will not believe the price of our Done For You Lotto Systems!