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Free Lotto Stuff

With another Saturday Lotto Superdraw just around the corner, we thought we might share some free lotto stuff with you.

While the lotto numbers stats are only good for our Saturday Lotto Superdraw, the free lotto system, and the accompanying lotto strategy are good for any 6-ball lottery worldwide.

I am often asked, “What are the Best Lotto Numbers?”  Of course, there are no “best lotto numbers.”  If there were, we would never have any lotto Jackpots.

Of course, there are “Most Drawn Lottery Numbers.”  But even that is not clear cut – the Most Drawn Lottery Numbers change over different time periods.

So, what are we to do?  The closest we can come to Best Lotto Numbers is to check the Most Drawn Lottery Numbers over different periods of time, and then try to find those lottery numbers that sit regularly in the top half of all results.

Typically, I look at 200 draws (almost four years), 100 draws (almost two years) and 50 weeks (almost one year).  Here is what I came up with:

Most Drawn Lottery Numbers / Best Lotto Numbers

As you can see, only 14 of the top 23 numbers feature in the top half of our 45 numbers.  If you wanted to play a full System 7 or System 8, choosing from those 14 might be a smart pick.

However, Lotto strategies are just as important as lottery numbers.  A full System 8 for example requires you to pay for 28 games.  What other lotto strategy might we use?

What about multiple System 8’s to cover all or most of the numbers?  There are several ways to go about this.

The simplest way is to play:

  • 6 x System 8’s (covers all of our 45 numbers once and 3 twice – or 48 of the 49 balls in many lotteries worldwide)


  • 5 x System 8’s (covers 40 of our 45 numbers (leave out 5 that are regularly in the bottom half in the chart above) – or all of the 40 balls in some lotteries worldwide)


  • Choose anything from 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48 or even 56 numbers (covering some numbers twice)

Trouble is, that can get expensive – two suggestions there.

First share the cost by putting together a Lotto Syndicate, or Lotto Club as they are called in some parts.

Second, use “Modified System 8’s.”  These use less than the full System 8 (and so it is not a “full” guarantee) but can be very effective.

For example, just 4 of these 28 games can give you the following Guarantees:

  1. Play them as  4 pairs and if any 3 pairs contain the 6 winning lotto numbers – You have First Prize!
  2. If you have 6 winning numbers ANYWHERE, then 5 or more will be together (with of course, a 1-in-3 chance of all 6)

The trick of course is knowing WHICH 4 of the 28 games give you this guarantee.  Don’t worry, we will tell you in the Free report you can download below.

With 6 sets of 8 numbers – at 4 games each – you can cover all or most of the lottery numbers in most 6 ball lotto games worldwide.

Download your Free Lotto Stuff by clicking here.

Check back soon, we will add more Free Lotto Stuff over time.