Improve Your Chances of Winning Lotto with our Lotto Systems and Strategies

Must-Know Lotto Stuff

If you want to know how to improve your odds of winning lotto, there are THREE steps you must master.  These are:

  • Lotto Systems
  • Lotto Statistics
  • Lotto Strategies

Miss any one of these steps and you make a job that is incredibly difficult even more difficult.  Let’s be clear – there is NO magic bullet for winning lotto; only steps that show you how to improve your odds of winning lotto.

There are plenty of fly-by-nights on the internet promising the impossible – If they REALLY could sell you a lotto book that delivered First Prize every week – WHY would they be selling lotto books anyway?  And lotteries would never jackpot / roll over.  So let’s be sensible; there are sensible steps on how to improve your odds of winning lotto, but winning small amounts far more often that you do is a reasonable expectation, and winning the big one is a bonus.  So, on to the 3 steps.

Lotto Systems

Here is a Free Lotto System.  If you know anything about lotto, you already know that a full lotto system for 8 numbers requires you to play – and pay for – 28 games.  Here is a cut price option that requires only FOUR games; it guarantees that – if you have 6 winning lotto numbers – then at least 5 will be together, with a 1-in-3 chance of all 6 being together:

1  2  3  4  5  6

1  2  3  4  7  8

1  2  5  6  7  8

3  4  5  6  7  8

You can use this free lotto system – it is our gift for visiting our site; simply substitute  your chosen 8 numbers for the numbers 1 to 8.

Now let us look at –

Lotto Statistics

If you checked Australia’s 6-45 lotto results between Sept 1986 and May 2015 – 2,420 results – here is what you would find:

All 6 numbers Even –  24

All 6 numbers Odd –  26

5 Even Numbers + 1 Odd Number – 170

5 Odd Numbers + 1 Even Number – 226

So these four “result types” account for just 446 of the 2,420 lotto results

4 Even Numbers + 2 Odd Numbers – 536, or 22% of all results

4 Odd Numbers + 2 Even Numbers – 616, or 25% of all results

3 Even Numbers + 3 Odd Numbers – 822, or 34% of all results

These three “result types” account for 1974 of the 2,420 lotto results – Or 81%!

So if you have chosen 8 numbers that are all-odd or all-even, then over a period of almost 30 years, your “result type” comes out roughly 1% of the time – or, put another way, roughly once every two years!  These results are fairly typical for ANY Pick-6 lottery game.

On the other hand, if you have chosen 8 numbers that are 4-odd + 4-even, then your 6-number games can only be 3 Even Numbers + 3 Odd Numbers (accounts for 34% of all results), 4 Odd Numbers + 2 Even Numbers (accounts for 25% of all results) or 2 Odd Numbers + 4 Even Numbers (accounts for 22% of all results).  This is how to improve your odds of winning lotto!

We call this “Playing in The Smart Zones.”  Now let’s look at –

Lotto Strategies

As an example, let us suppose we are playing 6-40 lottery or a 6-49 lottery.  The Lotto System we gave you above played 8 numbers in 4 games.  So, you can:

  • Play 5 sets of 8 numbers, covering all the balls in a 6-40 lottery, or
  • Play 6 sets of 8 numbers, covering 48 of the balls in a 6-49 lottery.

For the 6-40 lottery, you are guaranteed ALL of the winning lotto numbers SOMEWHERE in your overall entry – in just 20 games.  For the 6-49 lottery, you are ALMOST guaranteed ALL of the winning lotto numbers SOMEWHERE in your overall entry, in just 24 games.

Even if you COULD afford to play all 28 games in a SINGLE full System 8 – why would you?  The 20 or 24 game entries above are far more likely to produce a win of some kind that helps to pay for your lotto entry.

These are simple – but effective – suggestions on how to improve your odds of winning lotto; they are yours to use freely. In our paid lotto books we go into far more detail on “What Works, What Doesn’t.”  Once you understand your lottery and go with what works on a regular basis – you suddenly get a whole lot luckier 🙂  Check out our 6-ball lottery book now – and learn how to improve your odds of winning lotto.